5th Annual EMBRYOLOGY ISAR 2019 Conference to be held on 30th November & 01st December 2019 at Hotel Taj, M.G. Road, Bengaluru || Click here to register (special early bird rates)


Dear Friends and Colleagues, Embryologists and clinicians come together @ Embryology ISAR 2019 at Hotel Taj, M G Road Bengaluru on 30th November and 1st December. Placing the couple in the center to bring about the best outcomes can happen only when the synergism between the clinician and embryologist are at their best. Let us break the silos and come together on a common platform to offer solutions to the frequently asked questions and frequently failed situations in clinical practice. The Conference includes a masterclass on “Errors in ART”, the main conference and 3 Post-Congress Workshops which will be interactive and will give in-depth knowledge about the subjects to both embryologist and clinician. Learning from experts can add to our understanding of the complex situations we face in day to day practice. We welcome you to this amazing Conference which we have put together and is being hosted KISAR. We do hope that you will benefit from the collective Wisdom. Join us at “CEC” Embryology ISAR 2019. We value your participation. For any queries, you may contact us at kisar.office@gmail.com Looking forward to meeting with you.

Warm regards,
Team Embryology ISAR