By Laws

Karnataka Chapter of the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction
No.1, Uma Admirali, 1st Floor, Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore- 560029

Rules and Regulations of the Society

These Rules and Regulation prepared to fulfil the objectives of the society that mentioned in the memorandum of the society.

1. Name of the Society: Karnataka Chapter of the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction

2. Address of the Society: No.1, Uma Admir, 1st Floor, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore-29.

Eligibility for the membership:

To have the membership of the society one should have the eligibility according to Indian Agreement Act. He/She should be above the age of 18 years and should agree the objective of the society.

1. Should submit the filled form of the membership of the society.
2. Should pay the fixed admission fee and application form fee.
3. Along with the application form should attach the address proof and photocopy admission fee is Rs.250
4. Membership fee for First five years is Rs.5000/-
5. Lifetime membership fee is Rs.10, 000/-
6. Specialist doctors of the subjects of the Karnataka Chapter and the Indian Society for assisted reproduction are only eligible to become the member of the society.
7. Any New member should be accepted by the members of the society.
8. Should take the permission of the executive committee of the society.

Acceptance and rejection of the Membership:

After filling the membership form with necessary documents and after payment of the application form fee and after the acceptance in the executive committee meeting only, his/her membership will be considered as accepted. Suitable reasons for the rejection of membership should also to be conveyed to the applicant within 60 days of submission. After wrote down the reason for rejection within 60 days. Applicant should be allowed file petition at general body meeting. After this period such petition cannot be accepted 30 days before the general meeting only there is allowance to accept the membership. General membership period will be from Month April to March. It became member in between these period will be considered as the member of that year only. All category members of the society will have the right to participate in the general body meeting and to contest and to cast their respected vote in the election. If any members found acting against the welfare of the society / Association. Then he/She will be served with 7 days prior notice. And after accepting the explanation, on the basis of the majority of votes at the general body meeting.His/ her membership may be cancelled. Such suspended members have the right to submit their petition at general body meeting.

Termination of the membership:

Due to death, mutual disturbance, dismiss from the membership, Resignation, If found not suitable according to law. If he has 3 months due subscription fee, and if found acting against the welfare of the society, thus his membership will be came to an end.

Membership Register Book:

Should compulsorily maintain the register book at the society, with the details of the name, Address, Age, Occupation, Membership Date, Member Photocopy, etc, of the members. They should be made up to date accordingly.

Period of the executive Committee:
Period of the executive committee will be ’5′ years only. If executive committee came into an existence at any month of the year will be considered as that year only. Society’s financial and administrative period will be from the date 1st April to 31st march.

Election of the Executive Committee:
Only through the secret polling, ’7′ No. executive members will be elected from the eligible members of the society. Any senior member or any law knowledgeable person and decided by the out going executive committee will be appointed as the polling officer for the election of executive committee. One month before the election, General Secretary of the society should announce the list of members one who have the due subscription if the membership fee. Then such due members should pay the due amount within one month. Within one week before the end of the period should announce the list of eligible members and all members should be served with notices related to this matter. Four months before the end of the period of executive committee, election date should be fixed and it should be informed to the registrar of the association three months before the date of election, any eligible person can be made as member of the society. Elected executive committee should take the charge of the office on the afternoon of the last day of the period or morning of the beginning of the new period of the executive committee. If any member of the executive committee gave the resignation or from the death or some other reason. If any post became vacant at executive committee, then executive committee have the power to appoint another person as co-opt for that vacant post.

Selection of the office Bearers:

1) In the then executive committee there should be a president, Vice-president, general Secretary, treasurer.
2) Within one week from the date of Executive committee election office bearers of the Executive committee must be selected either by raising the hands or by through secret voting.

3) By appointing one non competing senior member or officer of the department as polling officer. Then selection of the office bearer is to be made for this proceeding he will be presides as the president.

Responsibility of the Executive Committee:

1) Executive Committee that formed will look after the administrative work of the society, president/general Secretary will work at the representative of the society.
2) At least once in 3 months, Executive Committee meeting should be taken place.
3) At least 7 Days before Executive Committee meeting notice of the matter is to be delivered either through R.P.A.D or personally acknowledgement should be taken.
4) Notices regarding Executive committee Meeting and general body meeting also be sent through E-mail also.
5) After the discussion, Decision taken at the Executive Committee meeting must be entered in the proceeding register.
6) Create such necessary plans to achieve the main objectives of the society at the Executive Committee meeting, without miss; last month expenditure must be taken acceptance in Executive Committee Meeting.

7) It is not possible to utilize the deposited money of the society for the expenditure of the society without taking prior permission from the Executive Committee.

8) Cash accepted and expenditure made related to the society must be entered in the cash book of the society.

9) More than half No. of members will become the quorum for executive Committee meeting. If necessary No of members did not attend, then that Executive Committee meeting should not be postpone to next day. For this postponed meeting there is no necessary to have the quorum of the members.
10) Address, registration No. of the society and working timings of the society must be mentioned clearly.
11) For the achievement of the objectives of the society, Executive committee has the power to accept financial help from the donors, Members, Government, Non -Government organizations Banks, grants in Aids etc, but for each division there is necessary to maintain separate registers. These details to be entered compulsorily in the account book and property, Debt register.
12) Working area of the society is limited to Karnataka state only.

Memorandum / Objectives / Amendments / Rules:

Main objectives and rules of the society may be made amendment according to the Karnataka Association registration Act- 1960,Coloum 9,10,21,2 and 1961.Income Tax Act col. 2(15),11,12,13 and 80 G. Amendments can be made only after the prior permission of the Income Tax commissioner. According to the rules 21 days before the special general body meeting called, notices with the matter of the Amendment planned to be taken are to be send to all the members of the society through registered post or E-mail.30 days from the date of special meeting conducted according to the Karnataka associations Registration Act, Details of the meeting must be conveyed to the registrar of the association that day onwards only expected amendments will came into act.

General Body meeting:

According to the Karnataka association Registrations Act Col.1960,every year, general body meeting should be conducted.21 days before the general Body Meeting notices to be served to all members either through registered post or E-mail. Members who want to raise questions at the general body meetings should sent the details of their question to be asked to the secretary of the society, 10 days prior to the general body meeting and should have an acknowledgment for them. At the general body meeting there will be discussion regarding the last year’s decision taken by the Executive committee and taking acceptance for the next year’s budget plan must happen at General body meeting.

Maintenance of the accounts:

1) Society’s Financial and administrative year will be from 1st April to 31st march.

2) According to the Karnataka Associations Registration Act col.13, every year audited balance sheet, list of the members of the executive committee, proceedings of the general body meeting must be submitted to the registrar of Association by paying suitable fee.
3) Each year accounts paper should be prepared and put forward at general body meeting for the acceptance.
4) In the name of the association must open the state bank account at any nationalised / co-operation Bank and Treasurer maintain the register of the members / accounts books and other account ledgers.
5) If any member wants the details of the accounts of the society he can get it from the president / Secretary of the society.
6) Executive committee should appoint an auditor. He must not be the member of the executive committee.

Dispose of the society:

According to the 1960, Karnataka Association act col.22 and 23, Society may be disposed, and while disposing the society its property must be transferred to other society which is having same main objectives of the prior society or society which will get rebate according 80 G of Income tax act. Any type of property of the society can not be distributed to the members among themselves.

Conjoining of society:

Accordingly to col.21 of 1960, Karnataka Association registration Act can join this society with other Association / society.

Duties and responsibilities of the office bearers:

Have the right to conduct all meetings of the society and also executive committee meetings. He has right to give advise and supervision at the business of the society. At the special occasions has the right to cast his decision taking vote. He must serve for the betterment of the society.

Vice – president:
Can assist the president in his work which associated to the society. In the absence of the president can perform his duty on that day only and must serve for the betterment of the society.

General Secretary:
After prior permission of the president, general secretary can call Executive Committee meetings. At least ’3′ months once must call Executive Committee meetings must serve prior notices of related to Executive committee Meetings to all the members of the executive committee. Decision taken at the Executive Committee meetings must be entered into the register books and the proceedings. At each Executive Committee meetings last months expenditures acceptance must be taken. Each year general body meeting should be conduct at fixed date and time. Should maintain the accounts, cash books, deposit records of the society should kept all the ledgers, documents, record books of the society under his custody and should transfer them to the next coming general secretary only after acknowledgment taken from him. Should made letter correspondence with department, Government, Non Government organization to fulfil the main objectives of the society each year without miss. Auditor’s report, balance sheet, list of the numbers of the executive committee, proceeding of the general body meeting are to be submitted to the district registrar. He should maintain the responsibility of the society according to 1960, Karnataka Association registration Act.